From Bean to Brew

    Curating the finest coffee beans to bring to the world

    What we do

    At Palmer Merci, we work closely with farmers to enhance the quality of their coffees through adherence to best practices in all stages of production, from planting to picking to processing and handling all the way up to shipment.

    Palmer Merci works with selected coffee producers around the world from each great coffee producing region resulting in a well-rounded and focused international supply portfolio.

    We source coffees that not only meet the standards of our buyers but that will also resonate with their final customers.

    Every season our selection process begins by considering a number of logistical factors. We verify availability, seasonality, and price range of coffees before assessing quality so as to match it with the needs of our buyers’ specific needs throughout the season.

    Our greatest skill is in our ability to think quickly and adapt to the ever changing market conditions and in our ability to pivot with a new strategy to respond to the value that they seek. We’d love to hear your story, feel free to reach out...


    Palmer Merci (U.K.) Ltd.
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    United Kingdom
    whatsapp: +44 737 812 3276